Why does my cacao have white patches or discolouration?

When the cacao fat & solids separate you may see some discolouration within the pods. This is normal & will not effect the taste or texture or your cacao. 

What is the shelf life?

We suggest it be consumed within 6 months, but can easily last up to a year if stored properly.

How do I store my TSE cacao?

If you live in a warmer climate we suggest storing it in the fridge. In cooler climates it will be fine in a cool, dark place.

What is the difference between ceremonial cacao & cacao powder?

Cacao powder has been processed to have the fat removed, which means that many living enzymes, healthy fat and most of the subtle energetic properties that give ceremonial cacao its magic have been destroyed. Due to this, the taste of Ceremonial Cacao is much stronger.
If you are new to Ceremonial Cacao we suggest starting with half a pod.

Is your cacao a full ceremonial dose? 

We truly believe that a full ceremonial dose should only be had within ceremony, guided by a qualified space holder or ceremonialist. Our product is intended for magical moments of daily ritual & therefore is a safe dose to be consumed within your ritualistic practices. She’s still strong, so go easy if it’s your first time. She’s there to help you guide & flow into creativity, creation, meditation, love & connection.

Can I drink TSE Ceremonial Cacao while pregnant or breastfeeding?

While pregnant or breastfeeding it is important to limit the intake of stimulating foods. The theobromine in cacao, which is very similar to caffeine, has a stimulating effect & therefor we recommend using a lower dose by halving your pod.

Are there any contraindications? 

Yes, please be mindful of the use of ceremonial cacao when taking blood pressure medication &/or SSRI or MOAI anti-anxiety or anti-depressants. We suggest chatting with your doctor & if all is good start using half a pod.

Does cacao contain nuts?

No. Cacao comes from the fruit of a Theobroma Cacao tree. The cacao paste is created from the seed of the fruit. Our cacao product is nut free but is made in an area that nuts frequent. We take the upmost care to make sure the area is clean & free from nuts.




Do you offer wholesale or affiliation programs?

We do not ‘currently’ offer either but would be happy to discuss & explore options with you. Please contact us via email on: hello@thesacredelixir.com 

Do you offer in person cacao ceremonies? 

We will be in the near future so keep your eyes out! 

Do you offer your service of sacred cacao medicine to events or collaborations? 

Yes. Please contact us on hello@thesacredelixir.com so we can explore if we are the right fit for each other.