How To Make Magic

H O W   T O   M A K E   M A G I C


All you need to do is simply warm up 250 mls of your favourite liquid - nut or seed milk, water ect. Our fav is Nutty Bruce Almond Milk but whatever you jam is - do that!

Pop the liquid & pod in a blender or pot & away you go! Make sure it's warm enough & well blended for the best consistency.

Pure heart opening magic, with the extras straight into your beautiful temple!

Alternatively you can add liquid & pod to a pot & whisk. However, we do believe the blender gives it that extra somethin' somethin'.

* You can also use a thermomix or magimix that heats & blends at the same time.

Ceremonial Cacao is much stronger then commercial chocolate & if it hasn’t been used before the taste can be stronger than expected. If you're new to Ceremonial Cacao we suggest starting with half a pod.




W H A T   I S   C E R E M O N I A L   C A C A O


Ceremonial Cacao is sacred chocolate that is commonly used in ritual, ceremony & celebrations. It is unprocessed & isn't heat treated meaning the nutrient contents are high & the subtle energetics have not been disturbed.

High quality cacao can increase blood flow, elevate the mood and also create a more expanded state of consciousness. It stimulates the natural release of happy hormones within our body which helps to expand the our heart space & give us those feel good feels.


Cacao is a potent heart space activator that can also:

Aid in emotional release

Connect us to our inner wisdom

Create inner peace & clarity

Unlock creativity

Deepen connection 


When used with intention she will, with ease create mindful moments of magic.

We invite you into a practice of reciprocity with sacred cacao. We also like to give our first sip back to the earth as an offering of gratitude for the abundance she provides us.