Shipping & Returns

Shipping Info:

Please allow for 1-3 business days after purchase for your product to be shipped. 

We currently use Auspost to deliver & do our upmost to ensure your product arrives in the best condition once its has left our hands. However due to the nature of our product, we cannot guarantee it will be as perfect as it was when it left. We ask you to be mindful that raw chocolate can be affected by changing weather conditions & therefore we take no responsibility for melted or slightly damaged pods due to transit. 

We highly recommend getting your item delivered to a regularly attended address to avoid any disturbances & to opt out of 'safe drop' options, especially if you live in a hot climate.

As a precautionary step from our end we generally do not ship on extremely hot days to protect the product from melting & also check the destination weather. Obviously this step is impacted on express delivery options & therefore we take no responsibility for possible damage of goods.


At TSE we truely stand behind the products create & have the highest intentions for you having a magical experience with our sacred cacao. Our product is intended for consumption therefore not refundable and we do not accept returns. Due to our product being raw chocolate and the often hot Australian climate we can not guarantee that your order will be in the perfect condition it left in. We take every step possible to ensure your purchase is protected, but we ask you to be open minded due to the nature of our pure, organic product.