Blue Lotus Ritual Cacao

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We are bringing ritual to the everyday in these luxe ready to go Blue Lotus Ceremonial Cacao pods. 

Each cylinder holds 7 pods which each contain a Ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao, blue lotus powder,  maca, a blend of medicinal mushrooms, cacao butter & coconut sugar.

All ethically sourced & organic.


Blending two powerful plants in cacao + blue lotus to bring you a balanced + dreamy blend. This blend is subtle in flavour, but powerful in effect. 

Blue Lotus is a nervine, consciousness shifter, antispasmodic, antioxidant, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory + aphrodisiac. She aids sleep, lucid dreaming, reduces anxiety, supports the menstrual cycle + has slight hallucinogenic properties.

The flower of the blue lotus emerges from the muddy waters once a year to bloom for only three days, showing us the beauty of her sacredness.

Best enjoyed mindful + with reverence. 

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