Cardamon Ritual Cacao

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Cardamon call us forth into our centre, reminding us to lead with the embodied strength of love. 

Letting go of what burdens us. He expands us into a centred presence of clarity & taps us in to our deep inner knowings.

Cardamon pods grow closely to the ground, allowing us to cultivate the deep connection with the earth & her frequencies. Dense energy is transmuted with cardamon. Releasing what doesn’t serve our highest good.

Synergized with Cacao it cultivates a truly magical, centred transformative experience. 

The subtle energies of both plant spirits dancing to harmonise our human essence.

More presence. 

Less worry.

What are you ready to transmute?

What no serving burdens are you ready to release?

What is the clarity of your higher self calling forth?

How deep are you willing to expand?