Mixed Ritual Cacao

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Experience a flavour sensation with our fun mixed pack of Ceremonial Cacao pods! Here you will be to try each of the flavours within our range. 

Each cylinder holds 7 pods which each contain a Ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao, maca, a blend of medicinal mushrooms, cacao butter & coconut sugar. You will receive 2 Ritual, 2 Wild Orange, 2 Cardamon + 1 Rose cacao pods.

All ethically sourced & organic.


Please keep in mind that this is a completely natural & handmade product so there may be slight discrepancies from pod to pod. 

We only release in small batches to keep the energetic & physical integrity of our product intact. We recommend consuming within 6 months, but will last up to 12 if stored properly.

** Sold in an individual cylinder that contains 7 pods