Rose Ritual Cacao

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Here we merge two of the most potent heart expanding plant spirits together to weave sacred union in your bloodstream. The blending of Cacao + Rose to bring a deeper level of sacredness to our luxe, ready to use Rose Ceremonial Cacao pods. 

Each cylinder holds 7 pods which each contain a Ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao, Rose essential oil, maca, a blend of medicinal mushrooms, cacao butter & coconut sugar.

All ethically sourced & organic.


Before the sun crests the horizon in Bulgaria, workers can be found in fields harvesting the delicate bloom of the Rosa damascena. The labor-intensive production process has a very low yield. It requires the extraction of 242,000 rose petals from 8,000 roses to produce only 5 mL of essential oil.

Due to her rare + delicate nature in oil form we recommend using her with intentionality + deep reverence. 

Rose is the Queen of the plant kingdom. She is the embodiment of beauty, magnetism, love, sensuality + sexuality. She is an incredibly powerful healer when we are ready to invite in her spirit.

She quickly drops us into the heart space, radiating love. With the heart being the centre of our consciousness, love is truly who we are. Rose graciously guides us back here, amplified of course with another powerful heart activator - Cacao. Rose reminds us of the power of leading with the heart rather than the head to open to more love, more joy + more happiness.

Call upon Rose when you are working with the ways of the heart. Notice what she can teach you when you drop intentionally into the heart space.

How can I radiate more love?

How can I open my heart + lead with love?

How can I let more love in?

What parts of me needs to be nurtured with love + compassion? 

How can I love myself more deeply + completely to be able to show up more wholly in love?

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