Wild Orange Ritual Cacao

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We are bringing ritual to the everyday in these luxe ready to go Wild Orange Ceremonial Cacao pods. 

Each cylinder holds 7 pods which each contain a Ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao, wild orange essential oil, maca, a blend of medicinal mushrooms, cacao butter & coconut sugar.

All ethically sourced & organic.


Joyus Wild Orange cultivates the energy of a child like playfulness.

Bringing us into the creators seat in a fun & enthusiastic way. Reminding us that we opt into a non serving seriousness too often. Loosen the grip, widen the smile, let go & expand the heart. 

From an expanded state we can call forth all of the abundance life has to offer. 

Creating from a joyful state brings a playful curiosity to the table where we are open to all surprises & possibilities. 

Shed the harden layers to allow the joy, the innocence, the playfulness to return to our daily reality & watch the magic dance within this enlivened state.


Call upon your heart opening, Wild Orange spiked Cacao to bring this playfulness into your cells.


How can I call more fun into my days?

Am I willing to write a new, more joyful narrative for my life?

What does abundance mean, feel like, look like to me?

Am I open to explore with curious eyes?